Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Busy Week

Well, it has been a busy week both work-wise as well as training. Last Friday I was able to get in my long run out in Edmonton, Alberta during a snow shower and on slippery roads. The elevation out there is a little higher than I am used to as well, so my 13.1 miles was a slow 2:06, but overall I was rather pleased. The hotel we stay at is near the airport and to get to a decent running trail it is 3 miles through an industrial park with no sidewalks and deep snow and ice. Still, the run felt decent and I was glad I could get it in as the next few days were super busy at work.

Saturday I was in Cancun for the day and it was MUCH too hot for a run. 30C and no clouds at all, so I decided to get in 4 miles on the treadmill upon my return to Edmonton on Sunday.

Monday night I headed down to the Runner's Den to get in a workout and try to keep my attendance up with the clinic. Mat sent me out for a 10k tempo/fartlek which I completed in 51 minutes and change on an icy, hilly course. Believe it or not, I believe that was my fastest 10k yet and I am positive I can break 50 minutes now on a fairly flat course in good weather.

Last night was another run with the group doing a little over 5 miles easy. I didn't feel that great and it was pretty windy, but I was happy to get out.

Back for more stairs tonight, but I am going to take it easy as tomorrow night is a big speed workout and I want to be able to keep up with the pack..

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