Saturday, January 2, 2010

Here's a Resolution...

I am going to be much better with keeping track of things. Not just with running, but I am really going to work on being more organized this year. For the purposes of the blog, I am logging all my runs with RunningAhead, a website that I can automatically upload my run data to from my Garmin.

So here is today:

Date: 1/2/2010 11:43 AM
Type: Default
Distance: 5 miles
Duration: 44:54.64
Pace: 8:59 / mile
Heart Rate: Average: 157 / Max: 171
Weather: -12° C, Sunny
Statistics: VO2 Max: 34.6

Further to my contention earlier that I am going to add miles to the training program I am following, I have decided to keep things simple. Since the program is in kilometers, and most people deal with miles (me too), I am simply going to round all of my runs up to the next mile. For example, a 10k run that is 6.21 miles will become 7 miles for my training purposes. This keeps my mileage up a little, as well as keeps things simple on the blog for my neighbours to the south that use miles.

So, about today.. It was cold. And not just a little cold, but -12C with a wind chill of -21C. I was to do an 8km pace run, but it turned into a slow tempo really. I was just wanting to get it over with as it is difficult to keep your face covered with a scarf and still be able to breathe, so I sped it up a little bit.

Overall, I felt ok and did the 5 miles in just under 45 minutes for a pace of 8:59. This is quicker than my marathon pace by quite a bit, but maybe a little slower than my usual tempo runs. I would like to think that I have gotten a bit faster since my marathon in October, so my numbers seem to constantly be changing.

One thing I do not really like is my heart rate. Average of 157 and a max of 171 as I finished coming up the hill towards the house. This is too high, I need to work on this.

Overall, a good run in bad conditions, so I am happy. Tomorrow is looking even worse for weather, so I may change things up a little. I am supposed to go an easy 8 miles tomorrow and on Monday do a 4 mile pace. I think I will switch these around and go 4 tomorrow and do the 8 miler on Monday when it is supposed to be 6 degrees warmer.

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