Wednesday, January 20, 2010


Well, I have been away at work for the past few days and unable to run, or post. Unfortunately I missed 3 days of running, although I would have used one of those as a rest day anyways.

Saturday past I had a great long run with my running club, doing 10 miles in 1:34, which was a 9:30 pace. Pretty decent for me considering how slow my marathon pace was in October. I really feel that my proper speed workouts combined with more hills/stairs has increased my potential by a significant margin.

How about running with people MUCH better than you? I think that this has been an amazing thing for me personally. One that same Saturday long run I ran with 3 other people that are light years ahead of me in both conditioning and talent. It was great to go that far and feel like I actually belonged in that group considering 2 of them are world-class triathletes, and the other qualified for Boston in her first marathon!

Joining this running clinic and having these sorts of opportunities has kept me very motivated during some brutal training weather. If you have access to this sort of clinic or group, you really should give it a try - I am glad that I did!

So now to get back on track after some fantastic training last week. It is now Wednesday and I have 0.0 miles logged so far. To try and remedy this, I went out and did 3.1 miles really easy this morning. This is in addition to the stairs workout I have tonight at 6pm. That will get me back up to the 5 miles or so this week, and I am going to try and stretch out my next few scheduled runs to hopefully end the week in the 25-30 mile range.

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