Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Something New...

Last night was another group workout with my running club. Had a really nice run and it was great to talk while running, something I am not used to at all. I also got myself some new shoes before the run. Turns out I have been in the wrong type of shoe, and for the first time since I started running my right knee was bothering me to the point where I was starting to worry a little.

So yesterday I headed down to the Runner's Den and got properly fitted by my coach Mat. I was in a pair of Under Armour neutral shoes, when it turns out I really need something with more support as I tend to be an over-pronator. I now have a new pair of Mizuno's and my knee is feeling better already after only 2 runs on them.

Tonight I did stairs for the first time with the running group again. There is a huge escarpment near our house and the stairs are daunting with 263 steps and a total ascent of around 200 metres or almost 650 feet. I did 4 reps up the stairs which includes a short flat run around the park at the top of around 250 yards.

A huge part of our training is based on negative splits. Everything we do is focused on being faster the second time. This is true for the stairs and I was able to come in at 4:56, 4:40, 4:32, and finally 4:06 when I really pushed on the last one. I am hoping to continue this ideology through the training, and eventually at the 30k race as well as subsequent marathons.

Tomorrow night is a tempo run on some gradual hills and the weather is looking warmer - should be fun.

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