Tuesday, February 16, 2010


Well, it has been pretty busy the past week or so. My training has suffered quite a bit, but I did get in a fantastic 14 miler that kind of surprised me.

I went out on a super-hilly course with the final 2 miles a daunting uphill, and managed to finish it in 2:11. The rest of the course was downhill and the start, and then smaller hills in between, so it was a nice combination of a long run and a hill workout. This is very similiar to the 30k race next month, and part of my route was on the actual course.

No doubt in my mind that I can go under 2 hours in a half marathon now quite easily, as I went out pretty slow but when I saw I was maintaining a good pace, I tried to keep it up.

So, training has not been as steady as I would have liked, but perhaps the downtime helped me recover a little to get in some decent efforts.

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